Digging for Untold Stories

For most of its history, the only stories told at Fort Vancouver National Historical Site were written by the educated minority. But those able to write represented only a tiny fraction of the kaleidoscopic assortment of cultures, continents, and languages who called this place home in the 19th century. Today, archaeological exploration gives voice to the many Native American tribes and the dozens of other cultures from every continent who lived and worked in what was, for a time, the largest settlement on America’s west coast. Laboriously pieced together, archaeological findings offer glimpses into the daily life of what must have been a truly amazing multicultural community. Fort Vancouver, through its partnership with nearby colleges, offers unique opportunities for students to gain field experience and to share their discoveries with the public.

Executive Producers: Jerry Freilich and Michael Liang, NPS
Director, Editor, Producer: Donald Jay O'Brien
Director of Photography: Eric Rejman
Music: Thomas Owens