About Us

The Science Learning Network (SLN) is where science and education come together to help preserve and protect areas of national significance.
Its mission is to integrate research and education to better communicate park science to the public and other NPS staff.

The Science Learning Network increases the effectiveness of communicating park research, scientific results, and the management of park resources by:
    • Facilitating use of parks for scientific inquiry
    • Supporting science-informed decision making    
    • Communicating relevance of and providing access to
      research knowledge
    • Promoting resource stewardship through partnerships

Nationwide, there are 15 “Research Learning Centers,” most located in a single national park. The SLN is a virtual center providing research and education support to all eight parks in the North Coast & Cascades Network. 

Jerry Freilich, Ph.D.
NCCN Science Learning Network
[email protected]