Grants from North Coast & Cascades Science Learning Network


The Science Learning Network provides small grants to support research and science communication projects in the NCCN parks. These grants are awarded competitively in most years, contingent on the availability of funds. Grants awarded in 2015 went to scientists working in Network parks. The grants were all awarded. A brief descriptions of the funded projects will be available in a few weeks. Grants are awarded for:

1. Research in the natural or cultural sciences considered high priority by park superintendents, especially topics with direct application to park management.

2. Projects which convey scientific research results about park resources to park visitors (real or virtual) using innovative media targeted to specific audiences. Those projects which both conduct research and disseminate results via interpretive programming /products will be favored.

3. Projects with matching funds or that leverage outside resources will have high priority. Such matches may be in-kind but must be bona fide and clearly defined in the proposed budget.

4. Collaboration is highly desirable and especially if the partnership can bridge to future projects.

5. Priority will be given to projects conducted in more than one NCCN park or with results germane to multiple parks. Each year the funding situation and the schedule for submissions are different. Check back at this page for updates at the beginning of the year.