Research at Olympic



Welcome!  We are very excited that you are interested in conducting research in Olympic National Park.  Olympic has much to offer researchers.  On staff we have an aquatic ecologist, archeologists, fisheries biologists, plant biologists, and wildlife biologists that are a great resource.  Each researcher is assigned a park liaison that is mostly closely related to their field.  Much research has been done in Olympic over the years and those results and data sets are available as well.  Jerry Freilich is the research coordinator for the park and he goes out of his way to assist you in any way he can.    There is also the possibility, depending on the season, of housing in and around the park for a nominal fee.

To apply for a scientific or research permit, go to You will see a button to "Apply for a Permit."  After you fill in a bunch of contact info and indicate which park you want to work in, you will see a link where you can upload a project statement. The website also has a document that presents the requirements for such permits with detailed information on the level of detail needed in the research proposal. Don't worry too much about all the very detailed information about the formal project statement. The most detailed directions are intended for folks with very large, very complex, or very invasive projects. For small scale projects, a project statement of 2-3 pages is usually sufficient. It should focus on the nuts and bolts of what you intend to do, (e.g., how many samples, how many visits) rather than the theoretical underpinnings of the work. When you submit that proposal it will go to our national database and also to Jerry Freilich. After filling out the main form there is a place to add additional parks to the application so that one application may be used for any or all parks in the NPS system.

Each application we receive is peer reviewed. To speed your application process it would be highly desirable to contact the Olympic Park staff member in your subject area for advice.  Jerry can assist you with this contact information.  Once your application arrives here, the wait for review is typically 3-4 weeks so please start as soon as you know what you intend to do.


Inquiries should be directed to:

Dr. Jerry Freilich
Olympic National Park
600 East Park Avenue
Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 565-3082

[email protected]